A Common Sense Platform For the 21st Century

My sixth book, A Common Sense Platform for the 21st Century, is also receiving renewed interest.  It covers every conceivable Platform topic, cross-referencing the “abuses and usurpations” you said were being perpetrated by our existing government agencies with a platform of corrective measures aimed at correcting those abuses.  When a Washington Post survey announced that “few in the [Tea Party] movement agree on a legislative agenda beyond [merely] downsizing government,” I decided to throw down the gauntlet:  In a mere 120 pages, I set out a comprehensive legislative agenda that represents views common not only to most Tea Partiers, but to all constitutionally minded Americans — and various fed-up ‘others’ — who are sick and tired of party politics as usual.  Take a look at the Book Review tab to see what people are saying about A Common-Sense Platform for the 21st Century.

You can order at  Amazon, Amazon Kindle and other online bookstores.  Bulk Orders are available through Midnight Whistler Publishers.

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