Agenda Games: How Today’s High-Stakes Political Combat Works

B.K. Eakman’s Agenda Games: How Today’s High-Stakes Political Combat Works ($17.95, Midnight Whistler Publishers, softcover) takes the reader whose only information about politics comes from the mainstream media and pulls back the curtain on every political “game” in which legislators and candidates engage. She takes the reader, chapter by chapter to discover the way politicians address (or don’t address) issues involving health care, the budget, national security, education and others. Like many of her generation, she had moved from support for an ever-growing government to one that questioned Big Government. Only she devoted herself to uncovering the truth about how politics-as-manipulation had brought so many to this place. Her book is well worth reading if you keep wondering why you are hearing and reading things that your eyes and common sense says just ain’t so.  — Alan Caruba, Editor,, Oct. 2012.

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