Documentary on the "Green" Agenda

I am being interviewed and filmed this month for a documentary on the "Green" Agenda--in particular,  sustainable development, climate change and the Earth Charter--with emphasis on the economic, social and educational fallout emanating from these on all Americans.



The scheduled air dates/times (Oct. 21-25, 11:30 a.m. and p.m.) for my week-long interview series entitled "Political Combat: Exposing the Tactics Dismantling Moral Culture" (show #s 10585-10587) have been re-scheduled for the week of Dec. 2 – 6, 2013. Times will still be 11:30 a.m. and re-aired 11:30 p.m. ET that whole week. The reason for the change is that a breaking news story, which is being aired as soon as possible, requires immediate taping and broadcast later in the week, which would necessarily preempt whatever show was scheduled. The show's hosts and staff did not want my series to be interrupted in the middle, and decided to air reruns this week and change my series to the first available full-week slot, which is Dec. 2 – 6. 

Apologies from me, the station and the hosts/staff of "Women of Grace" to those who have their recorders already pre-set for the original dates, but that's the way breaking stories are sometimes.



Not Currently Taking Speech Requests 


For speaking engagements, my fee for a keynote-style 45-minute to 1 ½-hour speech, including (particularly with complex PowerPoint presentations), plus any Q & A afterward, is $500 plus travel (plus any baggage fees, where applicable), lodging and meals.  A book-signing typically draws people, and based on the estimated number of attendees, I send books most appropriate to the occasion ahead of time. Book-signings typically follow my presentation or speech, although that depends, of course, on the format—i.e., whether there is a slate of other speakers or not.   I try to tailor every presentation to the immediate locality as much as possible, but issues that involve federal and/or multiple states usually are involved, such as recent education legislation, political campaigns, radical environmentalism, tax issues, etc.

I also do panel discussions. These tend to be long events, and revert to the speech-alone fee of $500.


My fee for a full 4 – 6 hour seminar/workshop on countering group manipulation) is $800 plus travel (inc. baggage fees), lodging and meals. The seminar is longer if the host organization wants me to include a practice session for participants.

If there are specialized topics you want addressed, I start off with that before moving on to the seminar itself regarding the tactics used by professional “facilitators,” provocateurs and agitators to manipulate a pre-determined consensus.  If the topic is complex enough make seminar extend beyond 6 hours, I charge an extra $100.

My books are made available for participants, based on an agreed-upon scale and anticipated attendance, which we can discuss. Postage costs have gone through the roof, so we have to work together on this.  The workshop includes PowerPoint slides, which means the host must provide a laptop and appropriate projector and screen, as it is too difficult to lug equipment of that size through airport security (and adds to baggage costs).  Typically, I bring (or send ahead) a flash drive.


I also do an abridged seminar and teaching lectures, which often works well, as with the extended presentation on hot topics like Common Core of Standards.  Both run about 2-hours (plus Q & A), and come to $550.00—again plus air fare, hotel and meals.

Both of these 2-hour topics include aspects of handling manipulative practices by hostile organizations and government.   In both the long and abridged seminar,  I cover resisting peer/social pressure, cognitive dissonance and thought disruption—to mention just three unethical consensus-building strategies that professional manipulators use. 


I try to avoid connecting flights as much as possible (esp. any physical changes of planes), because one often has to go through the whole security bit twice. Any delay, for whatever reason, can mess up an engagement for which people have paid, or registered.  That is also why I like to arrive the night before. The airports from my base in the Washington, DC Metro area are Reagan National, Dulles International, or Baltimore-Washington International airports. My preferred airline is Southwest, because they are best in terms of baggage costs and dependability, as well as avoiding plane changes on connecting flights.  Depending on the time of the trip, travel between the airport and my house may require a SuperShuttle service of $30 one or both directions.  Occasionally, my husband can take me to and/or from the airport, depending on time of day, in which case the SuperShuttle charge will not apply.

I do not drive in cities hosting an engagement.  Even with a GPS, I am not comfortable doing that, especially when I need to concentrate on the event, not the traffic patterns.  So, someone will need to pick me up and take me back to the airport. 


Because, inevitably, people want to talk to me while I am signing books, someone at the host’s end needs to volunteer to take the checks and maintain the cashbox.  I bring (or send ahead) signs for any stacks of books, which contains the price, etc.  I also have a stack of order forms in the event we run out of a particular publication people want.  This arrangement also works well in case some member of the press wants to interview me during intermissions or break times.

Thanks for contacting me, and I hope this covers the basics.


©2013 Beverly K. Eakman
Author, Columnist and Lecturer


I support an academic, factual, knowledge-based education for the Information Age, undiluted by psycho-behavioral conditioning and psychotherapeutic experimentation.  I take issue with teaching methodologies in which the purpose is primarily to target the feelings and perform data-gathering functions rather than to challenge the intellect.  I take the position that parents, not the state, are in the best position to make educational (and other) decisions for their children. 

The majority of American parents are neither abusive, negligent, nor irresponsible and state/federal education policy should not proceed on the assumption that they are.  I oppose the abusive use by both government special-interest agencies of psychographic (data-mining) techniques to collect private and permanently traceable information on children and their families aimed at personality studies, longitudinal tracking, monitoring and reporting—all of which involve dissemination among non-secure data systems and creation of non-cognitive curriculums to change attitudes toward those that are for, whatever reason, deemed politically desirable.  I reject the use of uncontrolled experimentation on minors with little or no informed consent on the part of parents.  I view parents as more than breeders and feeders, children as more than "human capital," and teachers as more than "facilitators of learning" and glorified babysitters.  I feel that schools do youngsters and society a disservice by attempting to teach too much; that schools need to concentrate on academic functions that promote excellence.


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